Printing Certificate for seminars and conferences

I have attended numerous seminars and with the bad experiences I had in some places with respect to the seminar certificates, I am writing this blog post. If you are organising a seminar or some programme for which you are issuing certificates, these are the tips you may follow to give your participants best experience.

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Grammarly blog

Many of my students keep asking me if they have to purchase Grammarly app / service that assists them with writing good English. I always have suggested that these services are shortcuts and do not help you to learn independently.

Today while searching something, I landed up on the Grammarly blog located here in this location:

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Covid-19 and women

Vulnerability of Women

The vulnerability of women world across is a known fact. In India, the vulnerability may be attributed to the power structures and disabilities created artificially over many centuries. These disabilities are apart from the physical and biological differences. In such a situation, the law cannot work in an equal way for the women. For instance, if a woman is arrested for a crime and she has to deposit the bail money, she may not be in a position to deposit the money in the same way as a man who has a secured job. In times of Covid-19 lockdowns, women are not getting proper payments and this may create further disabilities.

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Concept of Administrative Law


Administrative law is that branch of law which deals with the administrative authorities. Due to the existence of the principle of “separation of powers”, the three branches of the State, namely – the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary undertake different functions. The executive branch is concerned with the execution of the laws, policies and programmes of the State. The executive branch in a country is manifested in the form of various administrative authorities.

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Study marathons, study breaks and sleep cycle

Exams are the integral parts of the education system. It is the culmination of the learning process. Without examinations, it would not be possible to know the level of learning made by the student. Examinations are of different types. There are classroom assessments on the same day, there may be weekly quizzes and oral assessments. This article attempts to address the issues surrounding exam preparation.

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Difference between writing for journals, magazines, newspapers and blogs

What and how we write depends on two main things – the targeted readers and the type of publication (media). I know many researchers who have different approach and writing style for different media. In this post, I will explain how the approach changes for different media and how to approach journal articles.

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Guest Post: Career as tax lawyer

Guest post by Vignesh Kamath, advocate, Bangalore. On my personal request, Vignesh wrote this article to guide the young law students on tax matters. I thank him for his excellent contribution. He was my student and I still remember his answers were the best.

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Why should law students read book reviews?

Have there been times when you come across many interesting book titles? On Amazon or from library or social media. I’m referring to the law related non-textbooks. For example, books written by Nani A Palkhiwala and Justice HR Khanna.

As young law students, you’ll be tempted to read them. Some of your internship bosses may ask you to read those classics. Truth is that they might have not read these books entirely! 😁

However, you feel like asking – do we need to read all of these books or at least few of them to improve our personality as corporate lawyers in the future?

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Methods to overcome mental block

There is a concept called “writers’ block” – a situation where a writer is unable to write further and suffers a mental block. Often in life, we face mental block during various situations. Mostly, we are unable to find the reason for such block and find it hard to move beyond the mental block. If the mind is blocked, we are unable to progress physically also.

While such mental block may happen for any aspect of life, such mental block happening during exams or during research is worrying. I am not a psychologist. Here I take a few guesses going by my experience, at the possible reasons and solutions for such mental block:

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Improving vocabulary by root, prefix, suffix method

In the previous post about developing your reading interests, I suggested that reading novels is a good way to improve your language. In the initial days, you may take time to read uninterrupted, but over a period of time, you will get a hang of it and will start enjoying the reading. In the initial days, one main distraction for the readers is the new / advanced words. Since you may not know many of the advanced words, you would be forced to check the meaning from a dictionary. How to overcome this?


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